MORTLACH Special Release 2023 0.7L škotiškas vieno salyklo viskis su dėžute

Mortlach NAD 70cl +box Special Release F24

Skonis: A malt of stunning impact; a rogue flash of umami cuts through the savoury sweetness. Finished in a combination of ex-Kanosuke Japanese Whisky and ex-Pinot Noir Casks.

Prekės aprašymas: 2023 concept is SPIRITED XCHANGE. Scotch whisky is one of the first true international spirits, having crossed seas, cultures and continents for centuries, far and wide. Since then, Scotch has inspired standalone whisky cultures around the globe. Spirited Xchange celebrates cultural collaboration with a range of single malt expressions inspired by countries from around the world, launched in way that brings our priority brands’ positionings to life through cultural partnerships.

Alkoholio procentas: 58%

Kilmės šalis: Škotija


Captain & Cola


40 ml "Captain Morgan Spiced" romo

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